Politico Magazine: How Milwaukee Shook Off the Rust

three bridges park.jpg

Check out the article on POLITICO Magazine and the accompanying photo essay.

While many cities have sought to repurpose their old industrial zones into hip condos, restaurants or commercial lofts for tech companies—or simply knock them down—Milwaukee has invested in resurrecting its own, with intense planning, new infrastructure and exacting design standards. In the process, a coalition of public officials, community activists and manufacturers have created a model for the 21st century industrial park, where manufacturing, recreation and environmentally-friendly engineered landscapes coexist. Milwaukee is at work applying the lessons learned in the Menomonee Valley to the nearby port district and in the 30th Street industrial corridor several miles to the north.

Searching for Greener Grass in Milwaukee (Politico Magazine)

“Nothing illustrates the revitalization of Milwaukee like Three Bridges Park.” This photo essay accompanying the above Politico article includes striking images of the park and the Urban Ecology Center’s environmental education programs.