Menomonee River Valley raises its flag

New flags and streetpole banners portray the vibrancy of the Menomonee River Valley neighborhood

From the roof of Guardian Fine Art Studios  (Photo: Laura Sims Peck)

From the roof of Guardian Fine Art Studios
(Photo: Laura Sims Peck)

Guardian Fine Arts Services raised the first ever Menomonee River Valley flag from their roof - and it’s quite a large flag! The 96 square foot flag matches street pole banners that were recently installed throughout the Menomonee River Valley. The new flag and banners feature bright colors and a relief of the 6th Street Bridge, representing the vibrant Valley neighborhood and its iconic bridges connecting it to the city, as well as the Valley’s metaphorical connections to a proud industrial history, modern manufacturing, and nature in the heart of the city.

The Valley stretches from the Harley-Davidson Museum to Miller Park. Twenty years ago, the Valley was a very different place, with hundreds of acres of shuttered factories, vacant land, and a nearly forgotten river. The new signage in the Menomonee River Valley identifies today’s energized neighborhood filled with good-paying jobs, award-winning parks and trails, and top tourist attractions. 

“The new banners and flags help celebrate 20 years of transformation of the Menomonee River Valley,” said Corey Zetts, executive director of Menomonee Valley Partners. “We are excited to unveil it during Valley Week, which raises awareness of all the opportunities within the Valley.”

Streetpole Banner outside Materion.jpg

If you’re a Valley company and would like to fly the Valley flag, please fill out the form below or call Ben at 414-221-5509.

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