MVP partners with the City of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin, Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee, and others on projects that connect communities to jobs, environmental education, restored natural resources, and new recreational opportunities.


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Other projects

Menomonee Valley Artist in Residence

Eddee Daniel, a fine art photographer and writer, served as the Menomonee Valley's Artist in Residence in 2014. He spent a year capturing the juxtaposition between industry, nature, and community within the Valley’s ever-evolving canvas.

The purpose of the program was to use art to activate the potential of the Menomonee Valley as a symbol of urban revitalization; to foster relationships and create cultural connections; and to stimulate an exchange of ideas about the Menomonee Valley, its history, its future, and its place as a dynamic and vital part of the fabric of Milwaukee, a place where economic and community development is integrated with parks and natural areas.

To explore the Valley through an artist’s eyes, visit his website.

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Studies & Reports

Access dozens of studies and reports on the economic, environmental, and community revitalization within the Menomonee River Valley.