The Menomonee Valley Community Park is part of the Menomonee Valley Industrial Center near Miller Park. Spread over 45 acres, there are two miles of trails, restored native prairies, savannas, and forests. The Hank Aaron State Trail runs through the park and connects it to Three Bridges Park and the Silver City neighborhood to the south.



212 S 36th St
Milwaukee, WI 53215


things to see and do here

Enjoy lunch at the picnic tables or park swings

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Food Truck Wednesdays take place every Wednesday from April through October from 11:30am  to 1pm. 

Launch a canoe or kayak and paddle the River

Valley Passage from River.jpg

A canoe/kayak launch is located on W Canal Street by the Silver City Bridge at the Valley Passage. Park on W Canal Street and paddle downtown!

Take a walk on the bike and pedestrian trails

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Enjoy nature on a stroll in the park. The Department of Natural Resources, Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail , and Stew Crews work to eradicate invasive, non-native species of plants, while restoring native prairie forbs and grasses. 




A sitting area, also used for children’s play, is found at the corner of W Canal St and W Milwaukee Rd.

enjoy art


Art glass panels developed by artist Kathryn Lottes honor native plants and creatures while adding beauty and interest to railings in the park.

milwaukee road boulder

Milwaukee Road Boulder (1).jpg

Find the Milwaukee Road Boulder whose inscription explains what used to be found in this area.


art in progress - milwaukee road monument

People of the Road, a sculptural work honoring the Milwaukee Road workers, was designed by Richard Taylor and will honor and celebrate the thousands of Milwaukee Road workers who worked in the Menomonee Valley from 1848 to 1985.  The Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail install public art to invigorate public spaces and engage the community. It creates a recognizable identit, and links the landscape to the history, architecture, and social fabric of Milwaukee.

Taylor is a native of Milwaukee, with commissioned work located around the country. He has worked with many organizations over the years to integrate his sculptural work into specific settings.People of the Road was inspired by actual pictures of Milwaukee Road workers from the Milwaukee Road Archives.

Rendering of the "People of the Road" monument

Rendering of the "People of the Road" monument

Location at the corner of W Canal St and W Milwaukee Rd where the monument will be installed

Location at the corner of W Canal St and W Milwaukee Rd where the monument will be installed

It's not just a park

The Menomonee Valley Community Park is part of a nationally recognized model of sustainability that has won awards for its ingenuity. This park was designed to filter stormwater from 60 acres rather than it just flowing right into the river. Water that falls on the buildings, streets, sidewalks, and parking lots flows toward a filtration area. Pipes carry the filtered water into the Community Park where native grasses, shrubs, and trees absorb the filtered stormwater runoff. Finally, water soaks into the ground and is filtered even more before a portion of the original rainwater flows into the Menomonee River.

stormwater park in action_Eddee Daniel.jpg
Photo: Adam Carr

Photo: Adam Carr