Menomonee Valley Stew Crews: Keeping the Valley clean and green!

Since 2008, the Menomonee River Valley Stewardship Crew, “Stew Crews,” have worked to keep the Valley healthy and beautiful.  Organized by Menomonee Valley Partners and the Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail, Crews are dedicated volunteers from businesses, neighborhoods, and schools in and around the Menomonee River Valley. They have contributed thousands of volunteer hours to clean up litter and maintain native vegetation along the Hank Aaron State Trail and throughout the Valley. The Valley would not be what it is today without the effort of these volunteers.

Stew Crews are assigned their own section of the trail and a designated captain recruits a group of volunteers for each scheduled outing. The Crews spend up to two hours per month from April to October carrying out stewardship activities in the Valley. Activities include litter removal, trail maintenance, invasive species removal, and river clean up.

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Would your business or organization like to...?

  • build and strengthen team skills?

  • enhance your knowledge of your surrounding environment?

  • enjoy time along the Menomonee River and Hank Aaron State Trail?

  • play an active role in establishing and caring for a legacy of trails and parks being developed near you?

  • be among a growing group of Valley businesses committed to revitalizing and maintaining this land?

Contact Catrina to sign up, learn more, or be connected with a current business to hear about their experience and how it impacts employees.

A special thank you to the companies and organizations who partner on the Stew Crew program!