“Circles,” comprised of peers in similar careers, meet to discuss topics that support their professional goals. Some even create their own initiatives and programs to implement throughout the Valley or with students from local schools. We aim to meet monthly to bounce ideas around for personal and professional growth, share helpful tips and technical advice, discuss new trends and best practices, and foster partnership with other professionals in the district.

If you are a Valley business and you have an idea or interest in forming a Valley Circle, connect with Catrina to discuss your ideas.


human resources circle

The Human Resources Circle is comprised of business leaders from varying industries that meet monthly to discuss workforce issues and share best practices to develop solutions. The team also works together to develop workforce strategies that benefit the entire district. Business leaders who attend these meetings include Human Resource staff, Managers, and/or business owners that have an interest in strengthening their workforce. 


Information technology circle 

The IT Circle includes staff responsible for IT services. This circle meets the first Friday of every month.

The IT Circle created internship opportunities in 2018 to introduce youth to the wide array of IT careers.


Facilities Circle

The Facilities Circle includes staff responsible for the day-to-day operations, services, and maintenance activities. Participants work together to think through areas were cost-sharing may be of benefit for the district as well as share advice on vendors and contractors. For 2019 participants have a goal of developing a vendor contact list.

This circle meets the second Tuesday of each month, 8:00-9:00am at JF Ahern, 3201 W Canal St.

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Marketing Circle

The Marketing Circle includes staff from businesses of all sizes who work in marketing and communications. Circle participants brainstorm discussion topics, which have included Media/PR, Social Media – Best Practices, Marketing + Sales: Working Together, Website Development, and Video Production. 

This circle meets the first Friday of every other month.


Sales Circle

The Sales Circle includes staff from various Valley businesses involved in sales. Circle participants share victories, ask questions, and network with one another on topics related to sales.

The circle meets every other month.


Public Safety circle

The Public Safety Circle meets quarterly to ensure the Valley continues to be a safe district for Valley businesses, employees, and the community. This group aids in building relationships with local police and first responders, takes a proactive stance on short- and long-term safety in the Valley, and shares safety resources with each other for business use.

Email Catrina to designate an emergency contact(s) for your organization if there were a district wide emergency.

Reporting emergency situations or suspicious activity is important to keep everyone informed and often helps to catch the perpetrators. Report all public safety activity to the Milwaukee Police Department and submit the Valley Alert to Menomonee Valley Partners so we can communicate with your neighbors to ensure that we are all informed.