Through valuable partnerships and volunteers, Menomonee Valley Partners provides the following programs and services to continue the Valley's transformation.

  • Business Recruitment –  MVP recruits businesses that strengthen the region’s manufacturing sector, provide family-supporting jobs, and high employment densities. MVP markets privately and publicly owned properties for sale or lease. Once a business chooses to locate in the Valley, MVP assists the company with the development process, from identifying available funding sources to providing guidance through the city permitting process, and eases the company’s transition to the Valley through assistance with employee services, from transportation planning to new business networks.  

  • Business & Employee Resources – In conjunction with the business recruitment and expansion efforts, MVP promotes economic development by offering resources and services to Valley businesses and their employees. These programs help businesses grow in place and supplement employee offerings that help with recruitment and retention. A variety of programs and activities meet the unique needs of the Valley business


  • Land Use & Predevelopment Planning – There are more than 40 acres of vacant land in the Menomonee Valley with the potential for development that can provide high employment density, good paying jobs, public access to natural resources, and improvement to the natural habitat. Environmental and geotechnical barriers often preclude private development, issues that MVP and our partners are working to address.


  • Support with Sustainable Development – MVP assists developers’ implementation of the Menomonee Valley Sustainable Design Guidelines. These practical, cost-effective, green approaches to development have helped Valley businesses achieve higher returns on their upfront investments and improve the aesthetic quality and environmental performance of their facilities. MVP connects businesses with financing and other resources to help businesses with environmental stewardship.


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  • Neighborhood Connections and Community Engagement – MVP connects the Valley’s strengthening economic position to community revitalization and workforce development efforts in surrounding neighborhoods. The redevelopment efforts in the Valley are not insular, rather there is great attention paid to how the investments made in the Valley advance the redevelopment efforts in surrounding neighborhoods and employment opportunities for residents who live there. In addition, because the successful revitalization of the Menomonee Valley depends upon the engagement of the greater Milwaukee community, MVP works actively to engage volunteers in a variety of activities. MVP coordinates volunteer staffed stewardship events, facilitates business and community advisory committees to provide insights into and guidance of the work we undertake, and plans for the long-term sustainability of the new amenities in the Valley. These activities increase community investment and ensure public spaces are being well used.


  • Promote the Valley as a model initiative – The Menomonee Valley is a local sustainable economic and environmental effort that has received national attention. MVP provides education, outreach, and marketing regarding the needs and accomplishments of the Valley, including newsletters, events, this website, tours, and presentations to legislators, professional associations, local civic groups, and at national conferences. 


  • Partnership with Business Improvement District (BID) #26


  • Committees – MVP convenes volunteer committees that work to address the strategic goals. Current committees include: Real Estate Predevelopment, Marketing, Public Safety, and Workforce Advisory. Previous committees have included: Sustainable Design Guidelines, Transportation and Infrastructure, and St. Paul Avenue.