Menomonee Valley Partners and the Menomonee Valley Business Improvement District (BID) #26 together provide assistance to individual Valley businesses and are responsive to their individual strategic goals. Our staff is equipped to help businesses connect to services such as information on tax incentives, grants for energy upgrades, and workforce development needs.

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If you are a Valley employee, sign up for district news and your exclusive invitation to MVBA meetings. Your membership is complimentary if you own a business or property, or work in the Valley.

Valley Business Association

The Menomonee River Valley Business Association is the conduit for peer networking, to receive updates on Valley developments, a great way to build and grow your network, and the best way to learn about valuable  resources for Valley businesses. All Valley businesses are members free of charge.

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Employee discounts

Menomonee River Valley businesses are like one big family, so if you work here that makes you part of the family! We welcome you to take advantage of the following deals at neighboring businesses.

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Professional Circles

“Circles,” comprised of peers in similar careers, meet to discuss topics that support their professional goals. Some even create their own initiatives and programs to implement throughout the Valley or with students from local schools. We aim to meet monthly to bounce ideas around for personal and professional growth, share helpful tips and technical advice, discuss new trends and best practices, and foster partnership with other professionals in the district.

Circles include: IT, HR, Facilities, Marketing, Sales, and Public Safety.

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stew crew program

Since 2008, the Menomonee Valley Stewardship Crews, “Stew Crews,” have worked to keep the Valley healthy and beautiful. Organized by Menomonee Valley Partners and the Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail, Crews consist of dedicated volunteers from businesses, neighborhoods, and schools in and around the Menomonee Valley. 

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career discovery initiative

The Career Discovery Initiative connects Valley businesses to students as they are charting their career paths. You can impact the lives of youth by volunteering in the diverse array of career day programs: Manufacturing Career Days, Engineering Career Days, Young Women in STEM, Young Women in Manufacturing, Construction and Trades Tours, and Valley Lunch & Learns. 

Contact Catrina if you would like to get involved!


Young Women in Manufacturing & Young Women in STEM

The Young Women programs expose high school girls to Valley careers and mentors with the goal to replace fear and uncertainty of manufacturing and engineering careers with the confidence and guidance to break down barriers and pursue big dreams. Students meet with women working in the Valley in traditionally male-dominated careers (chemists, plumbers, industrial designers, engineers, project managers, and more) to learn about their career journeys and ask for advice from their newfound mentors.

If you are a woman working in the Valley and want to impact the next generation of women in manufacturing or STEM careers, contact Catrina. We need women mentors year round!

I never would have known that these careers could be found in the manufacturing industry!
— Participant in Young Women in Manufacturing

Other Business Resources

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Graffiti Removal Program

The Graffiti Removal Program aids in maintaining the Menomonee Valley’s image and is important for maintaining positive public perception of the Valley. It is important to report graffiti immediately to deter future vandalism. The BID reserves the right to limit a property owner’s graffiti removal reimbursement if the property owner does not enhance their property which is the best graffiti deterrent. Submit a request for graffiti removal.

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Grants & Financing Resources

Aside from contacting your bank or credit union, a number of other financing options are available to help you start, grow, or expand your business.


For personalized assistance to help with your specific business needs or to get involved in any of the above programming, contact Catrina.